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Updated 2017-02-07
Developer ankoku marimokan
Size 135mb
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Carol of the Living Dead

* ankoku marimokan MASCOT x ERO CG collection with MINIGAME *
A blend of loose story x hardcore sex (AVG format). Enjoy time, GO!

* Story
If there's a price on someone's head, bounty hunter Carol (age: unknown) will take it.
She's just taken a new contract from a dodgy client.
He wants her to purge the city of a zombie panic.
She laughed at the absurdity. But hey, even if zombies are for real, Carol's got confidence in spades.

* Minigame "Yuru Yuru Gun Shooting"
Pop off rounds with your mouse as a target cursor. Click = bang!
If you take damage OF COURSE clothes come off.
When Carol becomes fully naked the game is over.

* Triple pattern H scenes
Lose the minigame to see an "interspecies scene",
or be a savior for a "training scene", or neglect her for a "several days later scene"

* Situations
piss / urine / zombie f*ck / bestiality / bug sex / tentacle vore / giants / big black interracial f*ck
machine f*ck / foreign object insertion / gangbang / bondage / orifice spread / more

16 base works + variations for over 90 total
Randomized kisekae (clothes change) pose art
CG mode, replay mode included

Carol of the Living Dead screenshotCarol of the Living Dead screenshotCarol of the Living Dead screenshot

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