Bunny Maid's Estrus Diary poster
Updated 2017-09-05
Developer MoonGlow
Language jap

Bunny Maid's Estrus Diary

Bunny Maid Alice and the protagonist (YOU) are living in town.
From a young age, Alice has always considered her estrus to be a nuisance.
Now she is a total babe, innocent and honest... and you have feelings for her.
That is why you begin you "Alice Lewdification Project".

However, as if aware of this, Alice's father has told her to come home in a week.
You must do whatever it takes to turn Alice into a totally lewd slut and have her
stay with you instead... But what can you do...?

First, you must collect information and equipment...
... if you are to carry out your plan successfully!

- Exploration
During the day, explore the town and talk to its residents.
Characters with key information are displayed. Easy peasy!
As the days pass, the character's with such info will be added.

- Events
As the day progresses to night, Alice can start to do erotic things.
Actions (collected during the day part) are displayed as options.

- Time Elapse
As the protagonist walks, in game time progresses.
The time which you can be active in town is [9:00~18:00].
Once the clock hand reaches 18:00 the exploration part ends
and the night time Event part begins.

- Estrus Gauge
This gauge will determine the ending.
0~99% is Ending 1 / 100% is Ending 2

Illustration: Ashisi

[Play Environment]
* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

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