Enatos lady hero's record and Girl's memory poster
Updated 2022-02-28
Developer Crazy Nirin
Language original
Total size 1gb
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Enatos lady hero's record and Girl's memory

Original title: エナトス・レディ ー英雄の記録と少女の記憶ー

A story that traces the memory of Ena while laughing and crying and having sex with his unique friends.
■Trend of H scene ■
・Male acceptance -Either of consensual sex
-All of the pole roles are the main characters・

■ Synopsis■
The hero had lost his memory when he woke up.
It will travel the vast world with the girl * Ena who also lost memory.

While laughing and crying and etch with personality rich friends
A story that traces the memory of Ena.

■Number of H scenes■
Basic CG21 sheets
Number of scenes 37+α

■About H scene■
Most of the scenes will be female superior or consensual.
You can enjoy various situations centered on the main character.

Once viewed scene can be seen again in the game.

■ About the game ■
It is an RPG of about weak full-scale.
The play time is assumed to be about 15-25 hours.

The difficulty of the game is divided into 3, and you can play with the difficulty that suits the player.
UI and recollection room, etc. to display the current purpose.There are several systems that are easy to play.










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