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Updated 2016-05-03
Developer dai2hokenshistu
Language jap
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2.14 (1529)

Ane x Otouto Dual Travel

* Story
Politician and presidential front-runner Richard Lore is assassinated. His two children,
Alize and Rio, are nearly lost in a human trafficking scheme when Richard's secretary Shiroe intervenes.

Two years later.

Alize wants vengeance but has no idea how to take it against such a vast enemy.
Then she remembers a gift her father once gave her. "If you're in trouble, this can be your sword, he'd said.
It was a picture that had long been auctioned off somewhere.
Alize decided to find it and steal it.

* Contents
97 scenes in total (some are re-used)

* Game over

* Warning
Depicts male x male sex and scatology. There is a filter to cut out these scenes

* Buttons
W ... hide message window
Shift ... message skip
Q ... message history
F5 ... change display size
Menu screen options ... volume, window color change, dashboard on/off toggle

(F12 will force-quit with a possibility of corrupting the game data.
Plese avoid using F12. If your game becomes corrupted, please redownload.)

* Other
Ongoing bug fixes and versiopn updates are possible.

Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

Ane x Otouto Dual Travel screenshotAne x Otouto Dual Travel screenshotAne x Otouto Dual Travel screenshot

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