I'm the Building Manager at Married Woman Condo poster
Updated 2019-09-08
Developer dai2hokenshistu
Version 1.00a

I'm the Building Manager at Married Woman Condo

**Data cannot be carried over from the demo version.**
**Please test compatibility with the demo version before purchase.**

After losing both my parents in an accident, a woman saying she's acting on behalf
of my grandfather invites me to be a building manager/superintendent at a condo.
I decide to give it my best shot for a year, but I discover this is a problem property
where the manager has changed countless times due to issues with the tenants.
Can I make it through and meet my grandfather at the end....?

-An RPG where the focus is impregnating married women
-Includes parameters like enjoyment level and number of times you've had sex
-Pregnancy advances in real-time, reflected in three degrees in sex scenes
*not for all scenes
-Depending on your bad-boy level or chaos level, you can engage in a mother-daughter
three-way or plant your "bird" in another guy's nest
-Multiple endings- made to be replayed. Data can be continued into the next playthrough
(time limit is one year, with each in-game day representing a week)

[Scenarios and Depictions]
-Mainly sub shota but with some reversals/dark developments depending on actions
-Pregnant bellies
-Tattooed nipples and genitals
-Mature women (over 50)
-Anal sex (with women)
-Pubic hair acquisition
-Brood parasitism (making someone else raise your child)
-Getting an STD and have sex with pregnant heroines

Over 240 scenes
Over 200 base images
Over 3000 variations

Download I'm the Building Manager at Married Woman Condo from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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