I'm the Building Manager at Married Woman Condo poster
Updated 2019-09-08
Developer dai2hokenshistu
Version 1.00a

I'm the Building Manager at Married Woman Condo

**Data cannot be carried over from the demo version.**
**Please test compatibility with the demo version before purchase.**

After losing both my parents in an accident, a woman saying she's acting on behalf
of my grandfather invites me to be a building manager/superintendent at a condo.
I decide to give it my best shot for a year, but I discover this is a problem property
where the manager has changed countless times due to issues with the tenants.
Can I make it through and meet my grandfather at the end....?

-An RPG where the focus is impregnating married women
-Includes parameters like enjoyment level and number of times you've had sex
-Pregnancy advances in real-time, reflected in three degrees in sex scenes
*not for all scenes
-Depending on your bad-boy level or chaos level, you can engage in a mother-daughter
three-way or plant your "bird" in another guy's nest
-Multiple endings- made to be replayed. Data can be continued into the next playthrough
(time limit is one year, with each in-game day representing a week)

[Scenarios and Depictions]
-Mainly sub shota but with some reversals/dark developments depending on actions
-Pregnant bellies
-Tattooed nipples and genitals
-Mature women (over 50)
-Anal sex (with women)
-Pubic hair acquisition
-Brood parasitism (making someone else raise your child)
-Getting an STD and have sex with pregnant heroines

Over 240 scenes
Over 200 base images
Over 3000 variations

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