Alice's Forest - Pleasure Slave Doll poster
Updated 2015-04-13
Developer @OZ
Language jap

Alice's Forest - Pleasure Slave Doll

"Alice's Forest - Pleasure Slave Doll" is the 1st title in the @OZ's 3DCG Virtual MOVIE 3rd Series.
This time our 3DCG video technology shows a girl who's captured and imprisoned,
and forced to endure violation and repeated orgasms.

A puppeteer magic girl who lived in the woods was kidnapped and imprisoned by a man
with terrifyingly orgasmic sexual techniques and she is turned into his pleasure slave.

* Enjoy diverse play and angles with All play Replay
Naturally, with @OZ's signature "finish" button

* Movie select & editing options
Simply click to queue your favorite movies
Create an original movie edit of the best scenes, just for you

* Hear the heroine's inner voice in all its lewdness
Plentiful horny situations with desperate, gasping extremity
Feel the assault via male dialogue in window text, too

* You can switch between 2 different costumes!

- "Select" and "Editing" mode featured
- with sound effects / 'liquid' dynamics
- Voiced by Megumu Morino

Samples here:


[Main product]
EXE (application)
Bonus Content
- Images (1280x720, JPEG)

CV: Megumu Morino
Director: Dr.TESLA
Planner / Producer: BRIGHTONE
Design: Satoko Matsuue
Imaging: Colossus

Alice's Forest - Pleasure Slave Doll screenshotAlice's Forest - Pleasure Slave Doll screenshot

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