ZERO Sense of Chastity poster
Updated 2015-11-21
Developer ORCSOFT
Language jap

ZERO Sense of Chastity

Presenting the second product of DWARFSOFT, "brother" brand to ORCSOFT; a collaborative work with Mizuryu Kei from the circle Alice no Takarabako.

Heroines from his comic "ZERO Sense of Chastity" assault a virgin boy during his summer vacation in this adventure game! What will happen to the protagonist who stays in a house with a slutty woman and her three naughty daughters!?

Mother: a bad wife and a bad mother. Her female instinct appears in face of a young male.
Older sister: a salaried worker who does more sex than her work in the office.
Middle sister: a smart college student who does more sex than her studies.
Younger sister: a girl who pretends to have a common sense but in reality she's the worst of the four.

If you get an error: "script exception raised member "kag" does not exist"
Please contact our support for a patch to fix the issue.
This is a matter of newer versions of the KIRIKIRI game engine and their
compatibility with operating systems displaying non-Japanese languages.

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