Seeding Man to Another World ~ Gonzo Brings His Impregnation Talent to the Elven Village poster
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Updated 2019-12-05
Developer ORCSOFT
Total size 1gb
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Seeding Man to Another World ~ Gonzo Brings His Impregnation Talent to the Elven Village

Having seeded countless children, Gonzo still felt the desire to extend his legacy.

This isn't in Japan, but in a far away country.
He loved having sex with women, but with middling looks, he had to use money to get it.
After giving money to help a childhood friend's nightlife business in her home country hometown, the beautiful women were practically lining up to get impregnated by him.
They had many children, and he put those children through school, and watched over them as they grow older.
The poor people in that country appreciated him, but naturally, he was reviled in Japan for using his money to take advantage of women.

For him, it was all a transaction. He wanted sex, and they gave it to him for money.
As he passed age 50, he was already managing several brothels himself.
He was happy with all his children and grandchildren.
And yet, even as he got up in years, he still wanted one thing: more women.

Finally, at the age of 98, Gonzo died (with an erection, fittingly)
But he awakens in a new world! And with the body of an early thirties man, no less!
A beautiful goddess appears in front of him, and asks him to make one wish to reward him for his benevolence in life.
And for him, there was only one thing to say:
"If an attractive beauty like yourself can grant my wish, I simply desire one thing...that we have sex. Let me grab that plump ass and have a go at those sexy tits."

And at that moment, a beast-like voice resounded from the goddess' mouth.
So it came to be, that if Gonzo wants deep intense sex with the goddess, first he must impregnate this new and unknown world filled with never-before-seen beauties.

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