Yumire and the Conquer of Prison Island poster
Updated 2013-08-30
Developer E.B.
Language jap
Version v1.21

Yumire and the Conquer of Prison Island

Somewhere in the cursed seas, there was an island from which no boat could escape.
Those merciless waters were the walls of this mad, lawless rock known as Prison Island.

This is the RPG adventure of young girl Yumire.
Meet the dangerous residents, ghouls and spirits that inhabit this anarchic place.
Steer Yumier and her priestess companion Serafina into sinister situations.

The stronger you get, the more area you can explore.
The lewder you behave, the more lewd experiences will be found.
The game is has a number of erotic and classic events.
Slay and lay Yumire into an unstoppable force of $%&@ who can obliterate the ultimate boss.

Are you ready to conquer Prison Island?

* Save data can transfer from the trial/demo to full game.

* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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