Pronant Symphony [English ver.] poster
Updated 2021-01-13
Developer E.B.

Pronant Symphony [English ver.]

You are a demon... bend friend and foe, man and woman alike to your will!
Pronant Symphony is a full scale multiple ending RPG in which you can enjoy an adventure with four servant girls.

-The mind control spell "Pronant"!
Your magic is capable of taking control of anyone.
Reveal secrets, steal valuables, and violate bodies at your leisure.

-High density dungeons!
Within Pandemonium where the stage is set, countless armaments, treasures...
and of course, the power to use "Pronant" slumber. As you delve into its
expansive depths over and over, you'll soon find yourself enraptured.

-Countless powerful foes!
Many horrifying monsters and powerful foes exist to tickle your adventurers soul.
Sometimes you may even meet scoundrels who are after the girls...
You are free to defeat them, or to sacrifice the girls to their predations.

-Branching endings
Pronant will change your own fate, as well.
For the evil, an evil end... for the good, a good end... the conclusion depends on the road you've travelled.

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