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Updated 2022-06-08
Developer Ura Pirochaki
Language original
Total size 2gb
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Youki-shaku Kitan Crisis

Original title: 妖縛奇譚CRISIS

■ Training simulation to progress with the legendary story.

 The story progress and training scene by the novel type of text overlap, the truth of the hidden god is revealed ......
 By advancing the training, the mystery of one by one will be solved.
 What happens when the sacrifice is completed?

■ Training scene by animation and voice.

 Training will proceed by selecting five command icons.
 The animation plays continuously with the voice and changes its parameters.
 From "caress" to "belly pan" "anal" and "insertion" of various positions, more than 20 training items.
 In addition to the standard training command, torment the "sacrifice" using the "insect", drive in the "spirit bound" to commit by manipulating the spirits.
 The "spiritual power" that rises by blaming the "sacrifice" also affects the visuals.
 If you are familiar with the other space of the divine concealment, the successor of the room will regain its color.

■Undressing and dressing are freely selected.

 You can train even if you let it take off even if you put it on.
 The state of clothing also affects the movement of the parameter.
 I aim to complete the sacrifice by using it properly.

■ Story

 Hidetsugu immediately noticed that the girl who appeared in the village was Misuzu who moved to another town in the past.
 Misuzu is irritated by the life of the town, and says that he is in the village for a while after running away from home.
 Although Hidetsugu feels uneasy about Misuzu's condition, he is made to promise to keep running away from home soaring up to the reunion.

 And there was another woman who appeared in the village.
 The woman tells Hidetsugu that if he does not perform a ceremony, he will die.

 The repeated events of kamikakushi and the festival imitating sacrifices caused public frowning, and this village performed a deathly prayer at a shrine a year ago.
 The woman says that she should not have exorcised the spirits.
 It is a ritual to revive the place ......

※This time, it is a little long until you enter erotic.Please enjoy with the story.

※This time, there is no CG mode in the still image.There is a free training mode that can watch videos instead.

This is a great game.…It might be a little bit like...I think that it will not be a happy mood.

* Basically there is no choice in the novel part, but SLG part may feel that it is difficult if you are not used to it.

※ Even if you have never done this kind of game, I think that you can clear by teaming up the capture method yourself while retry.

※ There is easy mode.


















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