Tentacle-kun F poster
Updated 2020-07-28
Developer Ura Pirochaki
Version 1.03
Rip by s-hentai

Tentacle-kun F

*Current version 1.04

* Story
Due to the emergence of tentacles in the city, it came to the public's attention that
humans with tentacle-monster ancestors lived among them.
They were called "Another," and performed behind the scenes throughout history.
They were indiscernible from regular humans, striking fear in the public.

A certain tentacle-being awakens.
He had a human brain transferred upon him, having the intellect of a human,
but with the primal urge for women.

What will he become by growing and avoiding tentacle hunters?
In a small city, the unnatural slimy Tentacle-kun's journey begins!

* System
Investigate around the city in this mobile AVG.
Collect info, and find women to "seed!" Once captured, time for domination!
Use these women to evolve, and capture more victims!

Pleasing violation scenes come with Animations and Full Voice!
Changes in audio from screams to climax!
Over 40 animation scenes!

Use the "thinking" command to analyze a situation.
Easy to follow design implemented!

New attack/domination techniques as you evolve!

* Characters

- Gizem
A human-type Another who believes that "Tentacle creatures are god's to Anothers."
However, she doesn't offer herself up for seeding willingly.

- Sakiko
The only woman the protagonist can remember from his memories.
She must be a classmate of the brain's past host.
An "Another" hater.

- Claire
A woman who hunts tentacle creatures.
She wears weird outfits, and attacks.

* For foreign customers
This game requires you to collect info from conversations between characters. Understanding of the Japanese language is a must.

Download Tentacle-kun F from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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