Updated 2014-02-03
Developer BouSoft
Language jap

2.15 (2109)


Full title: Hazamajou XSOULSIA
Genre: Explorer Action Game

Slash, dash, leap, slide and twirl through 9 dangerous areas and 50 kinds of monsters in a demonic castle as Saya, the spunky katana-wielding Japanese school girl.

Level up, collect money, explore each part of the castle, snack on over 80 varieties of delicious items,
succumb to ecchi attacks by special monsters, fight down to the scraps of her uniform as damage accumulates...
And look forward to add-ons like New Game Plus and Hard Modes, and secret uber bosses.

About the action
- There are two kinds of sex attacks: action assault and unlockable AVG style scenes in gallery mode
- Action assault is enjoyed in-game, while gallery mode is accessible from the title screen
- You unlock gallery mode AVG style scenes by defeating bosses in each area of the castle
- Bosses are a variety of sexy monster girls like plantess, lamia, etc.
- Including bosses, there are 50 kinds of monster girls, of which 23 have their sexual attacks.

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
* Check out the complete Area 1 and 2 for free!
* Progress can be transferred to the full game.
* Trial version excludes certain moves and access to places using those moves.

* Other notes, features
Created with Adobe Flash
Default screen size is 1024x576
Zoom in/out option, image detail can be changed
Opening title screen needs unusually high specs

* CVs
Saya: Phan Masaki
Kanae/Monster girls: Kurumi Miru
Yako/Monster girls: Aya Kuchitani
Shiro: Koiki
Monster girls: Hina Masaki

XSOULSIA screenshotXSOULSIA screenshotXSOULSIA screenshot

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