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Updated 2017-04-27
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Wicked Princessemination ~Flesh Scale of Madness~

* Introduction
Will the elder sister give birth and fall into madness!?
Will the younger sister give birth and become insane!?
Giant C*cks! Disgusting D*cks! Fiendish Phallus!
Their fragile bodies utterly obliterated by a torrent of cum!!
They will cry and scream to the r*pe as both their bodies...
and their souls are eroded and corrupted by depravity!!
Their wombs will not rest! Their mind knows no peace!
How long can they last before descending into lunacy?
The relentless storm of violation will turn their minds to
the darkness and their bodies into fleshy birthing objects!!

Copious amounts of cum & Anal birth
Double destructive penetration of an pure uterus
Giant monster double regressive pregnancy
Drugged up ridiculously huge c*ck f*ck
Restraint, suffocation and electrocution insemination
Double deca d*ck monsters penis case (= girl) show off
Luminous tentacle anal > mouth total penetration
Elder sister d*ck girl transformation > imouto F*CK!

Ridiculously hard core content for the pervert connoisseur!!

* System
The fate of these two Princesstual Knightess' rests on the Flesh Scales!
Will you you corrupt them into lusty sex loving monsters of lewdity or...
Will they become atrocious flesh objects with the single purpose of giving
birth of horrendous creatures of darkness..!
Which direction will your scales tilt... there is no place for them to escape...!!

A story of beautiful sisterly love... in the face of unimaginable despair.
The merciless violation of their pristine bodies and dignified souls begins here!!

* Artwork
Rio Akagi

* Scenario
Minoru Sanshougi

* Voice Acting
Shiho Nakaya
Kasumi Yomogi

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