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Updated 2014-02-16
Developer ONEONE1
Size 1gb
Language jap
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Bitch Dancer's Quest

Have you heard of the legendary power of the Seven Balls?
Combine the power of these 7 rare orbs to grant three wishes.
Anything is possible.

---An adventurer may wish for worldwide fame.
---A rich man may wish for eternal youth.
---A merchant may wish to control all money.

But what about me? I am, after all, on a quest to collect the Seven Balls.

My name is Yuina Bardeau.
I'm only 1X years old, but I developed fast.
My p*ssy is the best p*ssy around, they say!

I love sex! Nothing makes me feel more alive than an orgasm.
Humans, monsters, antyhing with a c*ck I will screw.
You may think that's enough, but it's not enough.
So you can maybe guess what my wishes would be.

I gotta have those balls.

* Fully voiced characters
As always, heroines are fully voiced,
and some conversations with villagers too.

* Prostitution system
Hook up with customers to feel good... and get money of course.

* Birth is power!
Enemies will make the heroine pregnant!
When this happens you can choose a "birth" command
that will level up her stats. Get knocked up!
Get powered up!

* New Game Plus
Challenge yourself to a stronger, tougher 2nd playthrough.
Character levels and gold, etc., carry over from the first play.

- side view battle! monsters have ecchi motion
- skip feature! hit [ctrl] to jump past a scene

* Staff
Art by Taro
Scenario by Takehide
Animation SD by Noa
Sound by Studio MaRiBuRu
CV by Yuzunagi
Planned and directed by Ichigo
Presented by ONEONE1

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.
* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

Bitch Dancer's Quest screenshotBitch Dancer's Quest screenshotBitch Dancer's Quest screenshot

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