Welcome to the Adventurers' Training School! ~Upgrade Patch~ poster
Updated 2019-06-25
Developer peperoncino
Version 2019-06-25



Welcome to the Adventurers' Training School! ~Upgrade Patch~

The new heroine is a busty blond "thieving" beauty!
Enjoy the lush instructor life with voyeur scenes and additional endings!

The Adventurers' Training School.

I work as an instructor at this institution, but of course I have a boss!

The new heroine is the vice headmaster of the school - Charlotte.

She sits at her desk with her breasts bursting from her clothes,
uses me like a servant, and if I do not oblige her, she tries to lower my pay.

However, she is only but another butterfly waiting to be caught in my web!

* New "Thief" included for dungeon exploration!
Create a 3 person party to fit monsters!

* More voyeur scene!
More clothing variations for existing heroines,
with exclusive scenes and a new ending for the additional heroine!

The moans of a new victim to fall prey can be heard ringing in the school---

"Welcome to the Adventurers' Training School!"

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