Dragon Academy 2 poster
Updated 2016-09-02
Language jap

Dragon Academy 2

Dragon Academy is a technical institute that gives young villagefolk
the skills to wield a sword, explore a dungeon and bring down a demon king.
A school love simulation RPG for fantasy adventure lovers.

6 heroines each with her own ending,
a sister harem ending, even minor character hookups!?

DA2 serves up substantially more content than the first game.
Become your own hero and relish the school life!

* System
47 base CGs
Replay and CG appreciation modes
Fully voiced
4 levels of difficulty
New Game Plus option with fast-paced 2nd playthrough
Clear the game for access to a new route and hidden dungeon

Please enjoy the demo.
(Save data can be transferred to the full game.)

Welcome once again, to Dragon Academy.

Dragon Academy 2 screenshotDragon Academy 2 screenshotDragon Academy 2 screenshot

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