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Updated 2020-01-10
Version 2.02



Dragonlord's Ambition [Complete Edition]

* This version contains the base game and all the additional contents of "Dragonlord's Ambition Power-up Kit".

People in this DQ world live in a period of peace, as kings and
protagonists gather at Alefg*rd and have a drinking party...
But dragonlord-chan is biding her time to bring the darkness to the world...

* Unify the disturbed Alefg*rd!! *
Dragonlord-chan brought civil war to Alefg*rd!
You are the monarch of a country of your choice,
who is destined to unify all separated nations into one!!

* Capture hostile generals, do what you like *
No mercy in the warring states period!
You can release them, hire them, behead them,
and of course... violate the female generals!
They may reciprocate to your kind treatment,
or perhaps just even fall in love with you...

* Difficulty options *
There are two different game modes: 20 states mode / 50 states mode.
Moreover there is a difficulty choice for those unfamiliar with this game genre.

Let's bring back the peace to Alefg*rd!

Includes 4 brand new maps / scenarios to play through, and an even higher difficulty level.
Furthermore, you can now edit maps and generals to your liking!
Plenty of new generals have been added as well.

There are now a grand total of 70 H scenes (not including variations)
Enjoy the new powered up Dragonlord's Ambition!

Download Dragonlord's Ambition [Complete Edition] from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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