Virtual Sex Venus Sailor poster
Updated 2014-12-03
Developer Pure Prism
Language jap

Virtual Sex Venus Sailor

Intense X-rated passion with the oh-so-beautiful, saintly sailor.

Engage in deep carnal sex with a vision who yearns for you at the apex of love and eros.

The virtual system provides a true 1:1 view of Venus's body.
Revel in details of her exquisitely captivating body in "real size".
Feel the estrum flow from your screen.

While Venus makes love with you daily in this virtual realm, she also needs your care.
Use the futuristic Health Care Machine to keep her beautiful and healthy; good care makes good sex.

* Virtual sex system *
Intense X-rated passion with voluptuous Venus.

* Mouse movement, keyboard controls, click and drag to penetrate *
You control the speed of penetration (4 options: normal, fast, quick and revolution).
There are myriad positions and angles to choose from.
Fine tune the speed of penetration with the adjustable slider.
Depending where you initiate the click and drag, penetrations will be different.
You can disable each type of penetration to customize the experience.
Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom on the explosive finishing shot.
You can also disable zoom, or use the keyboard.

* 12 scenes with very different situations *
Each scene has a number of positions and views, and you can switch between them
(legs open, breasts massaged, change of posture, etc.) as well as decide
hand and foot position and other physical positioning.
Every scene has a finishing movie, and every scene and finish lets you
zoom and rotate on Venus, modeled in 1:1 real size.

* Feel Venus's love even more when she moans for you *
Volume is adjustable!

* Plus a collection of 20 gorgeous high res nude wallpaper images *

* Notes about sex scenes, specifications
Performance and framerate may vary depending on your system.
The maximum framerate regardless of graphics acceleration is 24 fps.
One normal penetration cycle is 20 frames.

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