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Updated 2020-11-26
Developer uchu


Bomber Cat [Japanese Ver.]

Break down blocks (bombs!) in this mini-game!
Place bombs on the girl's outfits to blow them up!

A slightly lewd "Bomber Cat" game was popular in the protagonist's school.

"Ageha" was a popular girl in school, and the protagonist was crushing on her.
Suddenly, a girl in a cat ear hoodie appeared before him, and said
"Should I turn Ageha-chan into a game character?"

When he starts the game, Ageha was in there as a game character...!
(I can use bombs to take of Ageha-chan's clothes... gulp...)
The heart racing bomb game begins...!

[About the game]
The girls randomly talk on the home screen.
Challenge the bomb mini-game.
Events included.

[About the bomb game]
Use items to increase bombs, firepower,
and defeat enemies while blowing up girl's outfits...!

[Choose your own images to play the bomb game]
You can even use your own images to put together a stage!

- Max 4 stage types (including hidden)
- 3 H events (all hidden events, with variations)
- 30 regular events
- Gallery (view events, freely blow up)
- Hair on/off functions
* Bomb game recommended play on a gamepad
* Lower CPU load from configurations

* Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

* Mac Edition / Smartphone Edition (Android) included
- Supports English / Chinese / Korean (All Machine Translation)

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