Vera's Region Tour Diary poster
Updated 2018-01-16
Developer coolsister
Language eng
Version 1.10

Vera's Region Tour Diary

Full ver1.10 (Trial ver1.02)

* Premise
(from the opening)

Vera, daughter of the port's blacksmith, dreamed of being a famous adventuress.
She gets her chance when the feudal lord sends her on a quest---

* Game
(erotic RPG)

This is an adult game about the travels of a novice female adventurer.

Battles are turn-based in the classic tradition.
You may adjust volume, skip scenes, and replay scenes.
Basically there is no game over punishment for losing a battle.

Collect quest gold and earn experience points
All CGs can be unlocked at once (at the player's discretion; cannot be undone)
Pose art (in battles, with NPCs) are provided for added aesthetic

There are 42 scenes (of which only 1 has multiple categories)
450 total CGs are included (not counting conversation or battle pose art)
* Depicts milking, plump belly. Please be warned.

Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free).
Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
Trial save data is nontransferable to the full game.

Vera's Region Tour Diary screenshotVera's Region Tour Diary screenshotVera's Region Tour Diary screenshot

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