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Updated 2022-04-02
Developer MaraStudio
Language original
Total size 683mb
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Lunatia Oath ~ Agent of Pallor ~

Original title: Lunatia's Vow ~The Pale Agent~

This game has an auto save feature.
When selecting Newgame in the title screen, the previous saved data will be deleted.
The trial version will only be the first 2 stages.

This game requires DirectX 9.0.

Please be sure to check the operation in the trial version.
There is a possibility to replace the contents, such as bug fixes and version up.
To re-download, please purchase from the member registration as much as possible.
Windows 11 Support / Some gamepad support available

◆ Synopsis
Sister Elysia, who made a sacred vow to the goddess, came to the forest where the orcs lived to investigate a certain incident.There is an unknown danger waiting for her, and it seems that the Asmodians, the natural enemy of the clergy, are also behind the scenes.

◆Operation method

WSAD/Direction Key Move
J Decision - Jump
K Cancel・Run
U Normal attack
I evade
O Defense
Y Skill activate
Esc menu

※ Key settings can be changed in the game.
* You can check the command list in the in-stage menu.

◆ Game content
Belt Scroll ACT
Elysia, with swordsmanship and skill, fights against enemies and fulfills the holy Covenant.
The defeat insult is the main, and the erotic scene is about 40 in total.
Even the same enemy will change the erotic scene depending on the occurrence condition.

Basic CG40 sheets or more
Some are animated

If you have any other questions, please refer to the "Manual.Please read "pdf".


* This game has an auto-save function.
When selecting "New Game" on the title screen, previous save data will be deleted.
The trial version contains the first two stages.

Sister Elicia is a devoted nun conducting an investigation in an orc forest.
Untold danger awaits her. And the sacred enemy of the church has set its plan in motion...

A side-scrolling action game. Play as Sister Elicia, a holy swordswoman fulfilling her sacred duties.
Defeat violation is one of the main themes of the game, and there are approximately 40 H scenes to enjoy.
Some H scenes with enemies will change if certain conditions are fulfilled.

40+ base CG
Includes some animation

WSAD/Directional Keys - Movement
J - Confirm / Jump
K - Cancel / Dash
U - Normal Attack
I - Evade
O - Defend
Y - Use Skill
Esc - Menu
+ Controls can be changed in-game.
*? Check the command list from the stage menu.

*This work requires DirectX 9.0 to run.

Compatible with some gamepads.

Please see Manual.pdf for extra details (Japanese)

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