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Updated 2017-10-13
Developer MoonGlow
Language jap

Vampire Mearie

A MoonGlow exploration RPG
Solve problems in day and night!!

* STory

On the edge of town there was an ominous mansion...
where people dared not come, where a girl named Mearie lived.
Never seen in daylight, she slept until nightfall and then,
under the light of the moon, would go a-hunting for "spoils".
Yes, she was a vampire.

Mearie was peaceful by nature, but strange things were happening around her.
Normally she wouldn't care, but these are things that could harm her, too.

She's going out often now, regardless of the hour, to resolve the problem.

* Systems

: Exploration
Walk about town and glean info about what's going on.

: Time passage
Day and night bring change to the game, and to incidents.

: Vampirism
In battles, a special attack called Blood fills the Blood gauge,
and under the right conditions, lets you wield a special weapon.
You can also use other items to boost-fill the gauge.
However, if the battle ends while the gauge is maxed,
a Blood event will be executed automatically.

* Illustration
Luca Kuraka

* Notes
Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):

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