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Updated 2018-06-14
Developer SOUTH TREE
Language jap

Urge to Molest

On a business trip to a rural town,
I meet a quiet girl with a well developed body at the bus stop.
The surroundings have already been enveloped by the darkness of night.
In such a desolate place, with no lights, benches or other people around,
A thought comes to my mind.

Were I to take advantage of this girl, I might actually get away with it......?

Unable to get this malicious thought out of my head,
after getting on the bus, I sit right next to her.
The confined space of our seat, our shoulders touch.
Her breasts bounce with the bumps on the road.
The faint aroma of her shampoo ...... I can no longer control myself......!

This is a Molestation Simulation Game.
You can molest the girl sitting next to you on the bus.
Groping her breasts, legs, crotch, etc is of course possible.
On top of that, you can also undress her if you wish to!

However, there are many passengers on the bus,
and her friends are sitting in the seat behind you.
Be careful not to cause a commotion and molest with care.

As time progresses, the number of passengers will decrease,
and you will be able to perform even bolder erotic acts.
Enjoy an entire nights worth of debauchery, in the short time you have available.

* See demo/trial to confirm system compatibility.

* ver1.21

Urge to Molest screenshotUrge to Molest screenshotUrge to Molest screenshot

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