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Updated 2022-04-11
Developer purple-pink
Language original
Total size 154mb
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Molester Spirits

Original title: 痴漢霊

The current version is 1.2.The updated content is as follows.

-We added 1 another end route (anal route).
- Other, we have fixed minor defects.

- This work because we plan to update the content additional、
 We strongly recommend that you purchase it as a registered user.
 In addition, even if a defect is found、
 Please note that updates may be made separately from content additions.

"That... I wonder if I was sleeping..."
On the train back home, Suzuhara Itsumi woke up.
The shaking of the train and the comfortable warmth of the seat seemed to stimulate her sleepiness, which was tired from club activities.

She listens somehow to the state of the car with the consciousness that remains vaguely.
I feel that it is too quiet compared to when I started riding, and I feel impatience lightly.
(I wonder if I have passed...)
If so, it is troublesome.
Itsumi raises the gaze that was dropped on the floor, trying to confirm the display of the next stop station ....

At the moment, her hazy consciousness awoke.
Beyond her gaze, which was mixed with consternation and fear, there was a person who should not be seen in the shape of a person.

ー Feature 1 ---Basic game specifications---
- The player will be in the position of a ghost, and the heroine's
 Itsumi Suzuhara (Suzuhara Itsumi) is a touch game to do a naughty act.

- At the beginning of this work, it is possible to select only the story mode、
 After the end of the story mode, the contents of the touch and the reaction of the heroine are different
 It is possible to have you play extras.

- There is no ending branch in Story mode.

- You can also resume from the scene you saw once.
 (Not all scenes are eligible)

-There is a sectional view display in some insertion scenes, display is a basic state, but it is also possible to hide.

- You can play all the scenes from the beginning, there is a full release function of the scene.


ン About Feature 2 ... heroine (Suzuhara Itsumi)---
-The heroine is affected by the state of sensitivity and the touch you are using、
 Returns various reactions.

-In addition to using hands for the touch, there are also things using tongue and male genitalia、
 In addition, most of the touch is left and right button of the mouse
 You can select weak or strong.
 (Some, there is no difference in strength.))

- You can choose the following parts about the objects and physical features worn by the heroine:
 Types of pants (5 types)
 With or without pubic hair

-You can choose your favorite color, or you can make it random.


注意Attention (as of ver1.0)
・ This work because we plan to update by content addition and bug fixes、
 We strongly recommend that you purchase it as a registered user.

・Currently, this work has become the contents specialized in the lower body part (pussy and anal)、
 Elements that expose the chest are not included.

-Because our circle attaches great importance to clothing、
 Currently in the work removable parts have basically become only pants.

- Because there is a place where BGM and SE etc. are played、
 When you play this work, please be careful about the volume.

- SE is such as sound and operation sound, there is no voice of the heroine.

-From the point of view of operation check those who are considering the purchase、
 Please check the operation in the trial version.


▼ Before purchase (operating environment)
- Please be sure to check the operation in the trial version.

-This work supports only 64BITOS.
 It does not support 32BITOS, so please be sure to check it.

-The operation check of this work is done in "Windows 10".

ーAbout materials and tools used
 In the production of this work、
 We use the following web page, the material of the circle.

● Music and sound effects

 Music studio of Amacha

 Pocket Sound

 The Clown Possessed by the Moon

 On-jin ~音人~ Like

【Sound Effect Production】VoiceBloom

 Soul of the Demon King bach.

 Touhou Erotic Club

 tiger lily.

 I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
 Works used: DSKB Vol.1 (Use sound effects within)

In addition, this game also includes the latest version of Live2D Inc.
【Live2D】 is used.





帰りの電車の中、鈴原いつみ(すずはら いつみ)は目を覚ました。



▼特徴1 ---基本ゲーム仕様---
 鈴原いつみ(すずはら いつみ)にエッチな行為をするおさわりゲームです。







▼特徴2 ---ヒロイン(鈴原 いつみ)について---

















 甘茶の音楽工房 様

 ポケットサウンド 様

 月に憑かれたピエロ 様

 On-jin ~音人~ 様

【効果音制作】VoiceBloom 様

 魔王魂 様 


 東方エロ倶楽部 様

 タイガーリリー 様

 くらびすた (Klavistr) 様
 使用した作品:DSKB Vol.1(内、効果音を使用)


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