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Updated 2022-11-01
Developer OnionCuttingNinja
Patreon ocngames
Language en
Total size 944mb
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Total Maidness! (18+) v0.1.8b

| Need help, want the occasional sneak peek or roadmap update or just hang out with us?Join the THE STORY:

The protagonists' parents were rich even before he was born, but his mother died when he was young, and he never really got along with his father. So poorly in fact, that they haven't talked to each other in ages and the protagonist has been living in his own flat for years, fully expecting to be disinherited.

Since finishing school two years ago, he's been idling away at a boring, poorly-paid office job and at home playing video games, not expecting much from life...

...until one day, his father suddenly passes away and he actually inherits his father's considerable riches and properties, including his mansion - and the maids maintaining it...

Can you get them all to like you and recognize you as their master, make them happy and create your own, personal maid harem, unlocking their hearts and all the lewd, uncensored images and animations?

FEATURES (PUBLIC RELEASE v0.1.6):A total of four maids to have fun with, with several lewd scenes for each! about 490 images over 160 (lewd) animations in total over 37K words of narrative and dialoguewhile lewdness might be playing the main role, humor plays a significant role in Total Maidness! as well, with many comical situations and parody elements! FEATURES (BACKER RELEASE v0.1.7):over 560 images over 180 (lewd) animations in total over 39K words of narrative and dialogue2 new music piecesminor UI improvementsPLANNED:more maids!more scenes for each maidmore outfits for each of them a little more story and comedy here and there :) gameplay improvements and new featuresfurther UI improvements

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Note on the Mac versions: There are known difficulties to get Renpy games to run on newer OSX versions out of the box.

One suggested work-around that worked for some is to copy the .app into the Applications folder, right-click -> Open it once and then it might work.

Another suggested solution is to run "chmod +x (filepath)" in the terminal on the files located in .app > Contents > MacOS.

If you're on MacOS, please try the free version (and the above work-arounds) before deciding to get the early access version or KKKA.

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