Tomoe's Naughty Diary ~Secret Deeds of a Female Knight~ poster
Updated 2016-07-19
Developer Almonds & Big Milk
Language jap

Tomoe's Naughty Diary ~Secret Deeds of a Female Knight~

* Genre

Sekuhara (sexual harassment) H-RPG

* System

Talk to villagers and they will harass Tomoe.
No need for tedious item collecting, everything can be discovered naturally.
Simple sexual harassment events, HCG events.

Return to Tomoe's bed to rest at the end of each day.
The trial version lets you play to the 2nd day.

* Story

Tomoe was a member of the knight's guard.
Everything changed the day she was accused of bribery.

The commander ordered to pay a fine or go to jail.
Knowing that jail was forever, she chose the fine.
She was banished to a remote town to do menial labor for a pittance.

Her clothes are tattered and her name is disgraced-----.

* Situations

interspecies sex
orgy sex

* Others

4 levels / types of outfit (tattered, naked, dress, pregnant)
Tomoe's appearance will provoke different reactions and harassments
from the people she encounters.

Created with RPG Tkool VX Ace.
Unlock all scenes cheat mode included.

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