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Updated 2018-12-25
Developer Flamme Soft
Size 86mb
Language jap
Version 1.0
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The Succubus of the Forest and a Doctor

* Story Overview *
This man works as a doctor in a certain poor village.
When he searched for materials for medicines in a forest,
he somehow loses himself although the forest is familiar to him.
There appears a beautiful woman...

"Good evening. It's midnight now... What happened to you?"

Thanks to her guidance, he heads to a hut that she lives in.
Then, however, she shows her true colors--- She turns out to be a succubus.

"It is easy for me to suck your life force until you die,
but you know... That wouldn't be fun.
So, how about playing an easy game with me?"

The succubus offers him a game.
Will he be able to survive through the game, that weighs pleasure against his life?

* Game *
You need to stay sane while the succubus' lewd teasing goes on!
A short length ADV with mini-games (perhaps one can say just games of chance).

Female character fully voiced!

There are three types of H scenes: handjob, tit job and cowgirl sex.
All scenes are relatively masochist oriented.

* Volume *
3 base CGs (approx. 3 H scenes)
2 base pose art (with variations)

Illustration: Akanomurasaki
CV: Chiroru Ohyama
Title etc.: Nemuko Urabe

Game Window Resolution: 800x600
Message Skip & Back Log functions loaded
Scene Reminiscence & CG Gallery Mode loaded

* Note *
This product is created using WOLF RPG Editor.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

The Succubus of the Forest and a Doctor screenshotThe Succubus of the Forest and a Doctor screenshot

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