The Scarlet Lamia poster
Updated 2020-11-01
Developer CARYO

The Scarlet Lamia

Mad scientist Katsuraku Tomii's bionoid lamia is ordered to go collect semen samples.
This loli slut must spend her noons and nights seducing and fucking men to her
absolute limit in this debauched adventure game!
Oh, and in a pinch, she transforms! What, is this a transforming heroine game too!?

Prepare for a sexy game that's filled with seduction, orgies, double penetration,
tentacles, defeat rape, and more hardcore play!

- The heroine is a man-made loli slut who will do anything to complete
her cum-collecting mission. Perhaps she is actually the villain?

- Why does she transform?
Because she's a bionoid. She should be able to at least do that.

- Tons of "prey", including businessmen, tentacled beasts, boy, perverts, and more.

- Lots of immoral situations!
From the public pool, to a packed train, this girl gets it on all over the city.
There's even some spicy tentacle and giant penis play to add a fantasy / SF flair.

- Features cross-sections and cut-ins!
See those dicks pumping in and out of her lamia ass and pussy.

- Fully voiced heroine!
Enjoy a performance full of lewd moaning and sensual seduction.

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