The room that i can not get out unless I cum continuously poster
Updated 2021-04-28
Developer Sugar Romance
Language original
Total size 890mb
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The room that i can not get out unless I cum continuously

Original title: 連続絶頂しなければ出られない部屋

It is an underground labyrinth built by a number of investors that Ruri woke up in a state where he lost his memory.
Rooms and rooms are blocked by special doors that open with continuous cum energy.

why was ruri imprisoned? What is the identity of the facility and who is behind it?
If you can escape to the ground and regain your memory, you may find the answer.

● Climax escape game
It is an escape game, a puzzle adventure that will solve the gimmicks of many rooms.
It advances to the next room by leading Ruri to the continuous climax.

●Let's remember masturbation
It is only standing ona that stimulates the pussy with a brush that RURI knows at the beginning.
Such as special masturbation using Chikunie *〇ま, pattern will increase by finding a new play.

Masturbation is always possible.
it doesn't have enough energy, it doesn't open the door.、
Let's look for a gimmick that operates in masturbation when it becomes clogged.

Ruri wakes up in a sweater figure in underwear.
But as you explore the room, you may find new outfits.



ルリはなぜ囚われたのか? その施設の正体、そして黒幕は?





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