The Princess & Pandora's Box poster
Updated 2017-01-17
Developer Fraulein Gutenberg

The Princess & Pandora's Box

Conquer all the princesses and take control of the kingdom!
An erotic shota hero Adventure Quest RPG.

* What do I do in The Princess & Pandora's Box?
Explore dungeons and kill monsters, win over
the princess and other girls as party members,
discover ecchi items and then EXPLOIT everyone!

* Who am I?
A young, ordinary shonen adventurer
who's under the guidance of a witch with great ambitions.
Not that you don't want glory for yourself!

* Features and charactertics
3 princesses to "collect",
big breasted minotaur bandit to capture,
animal-eared lolita to make fall in love,
a petite sized thief to chase after,
and your partner in crime, the witch...

Ecchi events are waiting to be blown wide open!
Comprising 41 erotic artworks you're sure to love.

A harem that can belong all to you!
Sex anytime, anywhere
Dynamic conversations and status art

Gorgeous colorful illustrations by guest artists
that can be enjoyed in the collectible Treasure Book!
(which is IN ADDITION to base CG artwork!)

* Special Campaign *
Share your feedback with the circle
and receive a bonus gift illustration.

The Princess & Pandora's Box screenshotThe Princess & Pandora's Box screenshotThe Princess & Pandora's Box screenshot

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