The Everything Investigator Girl poster
Updated 2016-07-28
Developer happypink
Language jap

The Everything Investigator Girl

* Full animation RPG
Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

* Nandemo Chousa Shoujo no RPG
(lit., the "Investigate Anything Young Girl RPG")
is a full animation RPG by happypink!

* Who is the Everything Investigator Girl?
Shirabe Kumanari-chan is endlessly inquisitive!
She loves puzzles and challenges and mysteries.
Give her something, anything, and she'll solve it.
even when lewd things get in her way!

Original artwork reference URL

* Everything moves, from pose art to action scenes
Created from over 3500 images with live2d!

* Two playable characters!
Shirabe-chan (30 investigations) and her mother Shizue (5 events)
Swap between characters using the A key on your keyboard.

* Specific content volume
26 H scene anime + 11 pose art ero anime (plus further 5 variations)
Bonus name, etc.

* Credits
Voices by Maron Mashiro and Yuuri Satsuki
Scenario collaboration by Akira Yanagihara and Syungo Azumaya
Pixel art collaboration by tocoda
Produced and created by Kiiu

Presented by happypink


[email protected]

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

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