+EXORCIST+ Chris and the Cursed Town poster
Updated 2017-09-05
Developer happypink
Language jap
Total size 482mb
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+EXORCIST+ Chris and the Cursed Town

Drop out exorcist Chris was living her life in shame
at the church HQ when one day, the town of Rahtam
came under the influence of an unknown curse!
She is sent to investigate the cause of the issue
and makes her way to the town of Rahtam but...

With over 8000 frames of smoothly animated AE+live2d
Pose Art and Pose Art style eroticism / H scenes, etc this
RPG will have you glued to the screen and goo in the hand!

[Monster Violation]
All small fry monsters have r*pe upon defeat and monster
violation inducing r*pe attacks (10 different types)
(Slime, Big Worm, Baby Dragon, and more monsters await you!)

[Captive System]
When you are requested to perform a captive rescue quest,
as time progresses the captive will gradually be the subject
of heinous (erotic) torment until finally...?
There are 3~4 stages of variation and 6 total captive girls.

* Pose Art Style H Animation Galore!
18 different types of seamless pose art style H animation!

* Prostitution System
When you have progressed the game to a certain extent,
this system will be unlocked as you can 'sell' them in the street.
But the excessive use of this system may evoke townspeople's...

* Do dildo masturbation to get sacred items!
Using cursed dildos situated scattered on the map,
masturbate in restroom and obtain blessed items!

Total 76 H scenes contained!

- Normal H scenes: 24
- Interspecies sex: 10
- Captives: 16
- Evil spirit's sexual harassment 26

Forced titjobs, bondage r*pe, engorged breasts,
suckling handjobs, glory hole / ass in the wall gangbang,
possessed slutf*ck, clothed paizuri and more!!

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