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Updated 2020-09-15
Developer Nekoshaku
Rip by s-hentai

The Dreamy Magic Girl Life


One year ago, Kulumi had asked a wizard who appeared in front of her,
to turn her into a magic girl. She wanted to protect the dreams and hopes of the town.

With the help of the fairy Tinkle, Kulumi had fought monsters
and evil doing people after becoming a magic girl.

Though Kulumi is a magic girl, she is a female in her prime.
From the eyes of a man, she is a cute, slender female.

She experiences the troubles of being a girl, and the struggles of being a magic girl,
while working hard everyday to make the world a better place.

[ Rori ]

Rori is a girl who admires magic virgins...
However, reality isn't so sweet, and she gets r*ped and harassed...
This girl continues to fight reality, while playing the role of a magic girl.


Magic Girl: Kulumi
Flat chested. She has potential as a magic girl,
but still has too naive of a heart.
She is a picky eater, and quite childish.
She isn't the brightest, but excels at physical activities.
Though she complains about magic girl duties,
she has a strong sense of pride and duty as a magic girl.

Fairy: Tinkle
A fairy that supports Kulumi.
She used to support the wizard,
but takes care of Kulumi after the wizard ordered her to.
She looks cute, but is very strict to Kulumi on magic girl matters.

Friend: Milk
Kulumi's childhood friend.
Milk often comforts Kulumi when she's struggling with a problem
but isn't picky with food, and teases the childish Kulumi.

Young Man: Yuuki
A young man who was saved by Kulumi.
After being saved, he began admiring Kulumi,
and thinks about her often.
He's almost too proper and naive.

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