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Updated 2018-11-08
Developer black megane laboratory
Language jap
Served by
2.27 (1156)

The Dream of Non-Humans

- Overview

A boy is confined in the dream world filled with
monsters so he tries to break out of the dream.

- How To Progress

Explore the map, play mini games and solve mysteries to progress the game.
Almost no battles. Basically, he will get r*ped when he acts rudely to monsters.

You can defeat the monsters. It is your decision whether to kill them or not.
If you choose to get close to a monster, "happiness level" increases
that some events can only be seen with higher happiness level.
Also, happiness level affects what ending you will see.

This game is not that difficult. Choose right choices to clear this game.

* I recommend not to defeat monsters throughout the story so that
you can adjust the likability level that is linked to the ending.

- Situations
Mainly depicts scenes of reverse r*pe by monster girls.
Abnormal situations such as vore are planned.
16 base HCGs (not counting variations)

This game is created with RPG TKool MV.
Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

The Dream of Non-Humans screenshotThe Dream of Non-Humans screenshotThe Dream of Non-Humans screenshot

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