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Updated 2016-11-16
Developer black megane laboratory
Language jap
Download via k2s.cc
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2.23 (1058)

Ryona no Shima

Lit., "Island of Hardcore"

BML presents, in the style of Ryona no Mori (lit., "Forest of Hardcore")
a girl vs. monster classic battle RPG with shameful consequences...
you're never quite sure what will happen, but it'll be "ryona"!

20 base CGs, 2~3 hours of playtime
Lose to the boss for a failure event
Tentacles, vore, crushing/clamping, electric shock, gut punching,
bone breaking, morph/transformation, etc. situations
* Please note this game depicts violence, but no internal gore or amputation.
* Please note not all scenes have genital penetration or cumshots.

Created with RPG Tkool MV.
Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

Ryona no Shima screenshotRyona no Shima screenshotRyona no Shima screenshot

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