The beloved wife Ai Yina who has been fallen to the heart ・ let me sleep of betrayal poster
Updated 2022-11-25
Developer アトリエさくら
Language original
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The beloved wife Ai Yina who has been fallen to the heart ・ let me sleep of betrayal

Original title: 裏切りの寝取らせ ~心まで堕とされてしまった最愛妻・愛依奈~

The protagonist, Katagiri Hirotaka, married his wife Katagiri Aiina when she was only 20 years old at the time 8 years ago.
However, Hirotaka, now in his 40s, is shocked that his physical strength and energy have waned.
When I consulted a doctor, the cause was mental, and it was recommended to get stimulation by rut measures.
However, I tried various things such as watching AV with my wife, but it did not lead to problem solving.

One day, he reunites with Shoji Soma, a former under-secretary who took care of him a long time ago, and he hit it off.
And after he lost his wife, he hears that he is participating in a certain couple's sexual activity, playing cuckold and eliminating sexual desire.
I show interest while being surprised that a familiar acquaintance had done such an act that there was no edge at all, and when I see a cuckold AV that I had not seen until now with my wife, I am wrapped in a mysterious excitement.

From there, his interest in realistic acts gradually swells, and in order to get sexual stimulation, he asks him to participate in a pseudo-cuckold play against Ai Yina.
The pseudo-act was about caress, but it succeeded in causing excitement, and the sexual act of the couple is very excited.
After that, he wanted to seek stronger stimulation and, with the consent of his wife, he asked for more intimate sexual acts.
It was because I trusted Shoji, and he responded to it ...."





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