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Updated 2018-07-06
Developer Otusun Club

The Bell Chimes For Gold

* ver1.1d

A lavishly illustrated love sim RPG about Maria, the struggling herbalist.

Maria's talents earned her an early betrothal,
but the man she was supposed to marry chose her pretty friend.
"Surely you can make ends meet with your... other talents."
Though a cruel sentiment, Maria became determined to do so.

Choose how Maria makes ends meet in pursuit of the best life she can hope for.
You may seek money in the lecherous perverts you meet while exploring dungeons.
In the name of money, Maria does as we all: compromise.

* Please note there are no prince charmings in Maria's story. All routes are with lousy suitors.
* Please note there are abnormal sexual fetishes depicted. See the official site.

The Bell Chimes For Gold
Jpns., "Kane no Tame ni Kane wa Naru"
(lit., "For Money (Someone) Rings The Bell")

The game should automatically conform to your screen size at startup.
After starting the game, if you resize the window please be warned that it may revert.
(At the time of writing, I am unable to add support for particular system specs.)
Save data is stored on a web server.
Save data transfer between the free and paid versions is supported.
Please note that while you can transfer your save from one version to to the other
without issue, if you divide the saves they may become unplayable.

The Bell Chimes For Gold screenshotThe Bell Chimes For Gold screenshotThe Bell Chimes For Gold screenshot

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