Stray Cat Girls!! The World of Snow and Stone at the End (product version) poster
Updated 2022-03-24
Developer 白の魔
Language original
Total size 248mb
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Stray Cat Girls!! The World of Snow and Stone at the End (product version)

Original title: Stray Cat Girls!! 終わりの雪と石の世界 (製品版)

Please check the operation of the trial version (free R version) in advance.

Please note that it does not work with smartphones (Android, iPhone, etc.).

Since there is a case to perform bug fixes and updates, etc., we recommend membership registration when purchasing.

■ Story
One day, a gray snow fell on the world, and all mankind became petrified ....
The hero who is a legendary masseuse who reincarnated in such a world.
The adventure to revive humanity in the hand of the electric machine entrusted from the reincarnation god began ....

■ Game system
- Save the petrified human race with electricity!

- Collect people, build facilities, and build items to develop your base!

- Collect items from dungeons and monsters and learn recipes!

- Give gifts and massage to increase your favorability!

- Find out why the human race was destroyed!

- Depending on the ingenuity, it is also possible to challenge the dungeon with high difficulty from the beginning!
 Hopefully you can get strong characters and powerful items!?

(Expected play time 10~20 hours.)

■ Main differences from the free R version
- Add 100 forbidden scenes in favorability degree of some characters 18

- Limited character: Sakura is a friend

- Hijiri can participate.

- That mode of Mike is lifted.

・ Other, additional events, dungeons, items, etc.

■ Version information
2020/06/16 ver1.04
- Fixed a bug that spices can be selected in the menu screen.
2020/06/13 ver1.03
- Fixed the HP of the boss of the Nyanko rally.
2020/06/13 ver1.02
- Added event / battle, etc. related to Nyanko rally.
- Fixed a bug where the hero's sword could not be used.
- Added message of battle judgment with God of destruction.
2020/06/09 ver1.01
- Fixed a bug where a text box appears behind the screen when changing the screen size.
2020/06/06 ver1.00
-Sales started.
*The above dates are approximate.It may deviate from the actual release date due to screening etc.

■About Save data migration
Free version (RPG Atumar), free R version (trial version) from the later of the save data is possible.

- Free version (RPG Atumar)
From the options, set Save Import/Export to ON and click the Add button that appears on the Save screen、
Copy and paste the text of the saved data.
(Please refer to the author's page for details.))
- Free R version (trial version)
Copy the entire save folder.

This work is produced using RPG Maker MV.


















2020/06/16 ver1.04
2020/06/13 ver1.03
2020/06/13 ver1.02
2020/06/09 ver1.01
2020/06/06 ver1.00




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