Succubus Shelly 2 ~Newlywed Life~ poster
Updated 2017-05-21
Developer blue arrow garden
Language jap
Total size 4gb
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Succubus Shelly 2 ~Newlywed Life~

* Look who's back!
The sex life continues with Shelly, but you can 100% enjoy this title on its own.
For you who've already played the first game, enjoyment is more like 120%!

* Honeymoon edition!
"Hey, am I really going to wear this~?"

This time, Shelly's on a honeymoon with her darling at a island resort!
She flaunts a sexy swimsuit... even though it's what schoolgirls wear.
Because hubby darling is a pervert <3

They enjoy some beach volleyball and a game of split-the-melon...
"Hey darling, my tummy is empty~"
"What! But there's still lots of day left..."
She stimulates her indecisive husband's crotch with her little feet.
"Nyaha~ Look who's awake~"
The body speaks more frankly than the mind.
What does darling want?
Her feet? Her mouth? Or to be inside her special place?

* Newlywed life is awesome!
Playtime in the daytime and punishment at night!
No mercy for Shelly today!
Ever-tender darling is mad!
"Someone will see us..."
"At, at least let me clear away the crowds..."
She's ashamed to be naked outside... but her p*ssy is dripping wet.
The body speaks more frankly than the mind!
"Ma, master... making me be a... dirty bitch...
yes master, punish me... with your c*ck!"

... From here, please enjoy the main event!

* About the game

After two years of production, everyone's favorite lolita demon has returned!

Shelly takes charge, Shelly makes love, Shelly gets punished!
Three distinct varieties of sex play in three outfits:
sukumizu (school swimsuit), homemaker (nude apron) and punishment (leash/collar),
created to satisfy YOUR diverse desires as the supporters of the game!
Plus, there are plans to add more scenes as sales grow:
"dougu" (tool) sex and anal sex may be coming soon!

* 2+ hours of main content!
*Voiced by Chiroru Ohyama! Both character and internal voice!
* New and improved cel shade 3D renders based on techniques
we've learned from creating and releasing four hentai games!
* Multiple angles and various positions, triggered with a touch!

Honeymoon play
Footjobs, romance (kissing, breast play, p*ssy), oral, missionary & cowgirl & doggy style

Homemaker play
Morning service (handjob, fellatio), watch-and-wank, missionary & cowgirl & doggy style

Punishment play
Irrumatio, 69, missionary & doggy style

Be sure to submit your requests on the circle's HP
via the questionnaire so they can go in the next release!

* Before you buy
Be sure to check the playable trial for compatibility.
Unconfirmed support for Windows XP due to lapsed support from Microsoft.
Please understand that post-sale support may not be available.

If the game does not launch due to missing dll, then please install the following file:
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

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Download and install instructions

Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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