Succubus Princess poster
Updated 2016-05-22
Developer Tistrya
Language jap

Succubus Princess

* Prologue

Succubi thrived by kidnapping human men for their semen.
In an aggressive counteroffense, the men sicced a monster on their succubus village.
It worked. The village was devastated, and the succubi were enslaved.

Only the succubus princess managed to escape.

* Game

This is "your" sexy quest to rescue her fellow succubi from the humans.

You control the demonic princess, feeding her endless cum thirst,
in a series of merciless reverse-r*pes using all her talents.

But she is still vulnerable. She can be reverse-reverse-r*ped if she loses.

Orgies, breast sex, woman on top, aggressive footjobs,
monster and tentacle assaults, and more!

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