Submissive Magic Girl VS Punishment Executive Girl poster
Updated 2019-07-11
Developer Tanoshiitake

Submissive Magic Girl VS Punishment Executive Girl

* Overview
A novel style RPG including battle!
Different selections made in the game can change the strength of enemies
and change the progression of the story.
Wins/losses in battle will also change the progression of the story.

* Story
Momoka was a student at Kinomimori Academy and was enjoying school life
alongside the transfer student Neneko.
However, this was just how it seemed on the surface...
Neneko (Maronya) was the executive of a lesbian organization and a spy sent to
infiltrate the academy and find the weakness of the magic girl Momoko (Kurumil).
What waits in store when these two girls collide!?

* Game Flow
Neneko investigate Momoko as the two of them attend school.
- If supporting Neneko, get Momoko to spill good information
- If supporting Momoko, select things that won't be helpful to Neneko
When enough info is gathered the magic girl and executive will clash!

* Selection
Momoko will respond to Neneko's questions.
The status of Momoko and Neneko friendship and enemy strength will change.
By choosing the "I'll think about it" selection you can save to reload back and try
different selections as well.

* H Events
12 types
After completing the retail version, you unlock a reminisce room with access to all H event scenes

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