Stripping on the Bus to Keep the Perverts Away (Fap Mini-Game) poster
Updated 2021-07-10
Developer girlsgame
Total size 12mb
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Stripping on the Bus to Keep the Perverts Away (Fap Mini-Game)

in order to eliminate the molester damage of female students、
Dare, you should prepare a student to be molested!

for that reason、
A pervert school that was able to become a"molester clerk"…

the cute gal girl who goes to that school、
Even today, it is made to go to school naked like an exposed bitch on the bus…

Let's molester such a girl to the fullest!

It is obscene to a cute girl, and it is an insult prank by a pervert
Kinky mini-game for perverted masturbation.

The screen size is 900(horizontal)x 600(vertical).
※ There is a dirty voice voice

PC games for windows
(exe file format)

★ Hentai Nuki scene terminology commentary
※ This is an explanation of the genre / term, not an explanation of this work.
※ Adult comics, Doujin manga, SS, anime, commentary popular scenes in the game.

[Rape/molester/sexual harassment]
And humiliation with love, violence SM, restraint, bullying, across a wide range such as rape scenes
Some works may be psychotic patterns / bitches
In the case of rape and torture, it is also defined as the Lyona system
It is often accompanied by ahe face, creampie, crying, screaming, etc.
Forced to fuck scene and inside it's also a highlight

【Lori-Girl System】
A general term for young cute girls of the year.lolicon.
you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know、
There are various types such as small tits, virgin, turpeta, Yankee girl.

【Coma / Time stop / No Resistance】
Ero situation to prank girls who are no longer able to move with drugs and magic items.
There are various patterns such as idol shooting and mysterious apps.
In addition, there are many cases that can not resist and are expressionless.







※ 淫語音声ボイスあり

windows用 PCゲーム

★ 変態ヌキシーン用語解説




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