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Updated 2016-10-16
Developer Summoner Veil
Language jap
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2.05 (1339)

Stay Nights Crisis

Leona Warcurst is on her first mission as a knight.

"Ryukke's monsters are weak so give it your best, you'll do fine."

At the urging of her brother Leona heads to the remote town.
For his respect as well as her own growth,
she's eager to relieve the troubled people of Ryukke.

Unfortunately, it's so remote that the men crave any entertainment.
Perhaps it would be better if she'd never come...

But her mission is the same: to relieve the troubled people.

* An RPG with ecchi battles and dynamic pose art
* Lewdness and town reputation system
* Skill points to grow your character's sword, shield, magic skills

Stay Nights Crisis screenshotStay Nights Crisis screenshotStay Nights Crisis screenshot

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