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Updated 2022-10-28
Developer D-lis
Language original
Total size 544mb
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the witch is on the night of revenge.

Original title: 魔女は復讐の夜に

- A story about a witch who was robbed of everything in a witch hunt takes revenge-

Can the witch Aladia avenge the church by defeating the demons and demonic fallen in a dark fantasy world?
2D Soul like erotic action!It is a full・fledged ACT・RPG that you can enjoy rich H scene, exploration, battle, growth and build.

〇 Story

The witch Aladia was robbed of everything in a witch hunt by the church.
She swore revenge, can she defeat the demons and demons that attack and achieve revenge?


- Dark fantasy world view
※ There are radical expressions such as bloodshed and violence in some.
In addition, there are several kinds of bloodshed and defects in the R18 scene, but it is possible to switch Gore expression on / off by option.
If you turn it off, it will be completely black and invisible.
In addition, since the character of ”FATALYTY” comes out when you transition to the R18 scene caught in the case of an enemy with Gore expression, I think that you can escape in that case.

-Rich H scenes-Complete gallery
The H scene in the ACT is more than about 70 bodies, such as enemies and erotic traps!
When the enemy comes in contact with the enemy when it goes down with a powerful attack of the enemy, it smoothly transitions to the H scene.
There are about 10 to 20 kinds of animations per one enemy, and it switches automatically smoothly.
Example: ~CaptureピPiston 1 → piston 2 → different positionsン射精~ → ejaculation → after事後~~ etc.

-H scene animation that can only be seen in sub-events!
・ There are more than 10 scenes with smooth moving game over animations.

- There is difficulty change
And to enjoy only the H scene, there is an easy mode for those who are not good at action.
Also hard mode for those who are playing a high difficulty game from usual!

- Multi-sub-end
There are multiple sub-bad ends, but it does not become a forced bad end, and if the conditions are aligned, you can go to see it yourself.
It is also possible to see all the bad ends in the first week.












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