Special Operations Unit - SIGNAL FORCES II ~OPERATION WHITE~ poster
Updated 2021-07-19
Developer ankoku marimokan
Total size 309mb
Rip by mikocon




■ Story
fight day and night against ganged gangsters in 20xx.
the three members of the special crime task force signal
It is supposed to attack the hideout of the enemy, but it is annihilated and captured on the contrary.
the only remaining dr. shirane ricca
He was dressed in a new suit "White Signal" and dared to carry out a rescue operation.

■ Feature 1: Squadron heroine defeat insult action RPG.
Kick your enemies, go through traps, and rescue your friends.
Earn money, strengthen your suit, and take advantage of the stage

■ Feature 2: Undressing・Defeat H anime
In the action part, undressing each time you receive damage
When he is defeated, the H anime unfolds.

■ Feature 3: Inside and outside, fight in embattled, 2 situations
- The enemy is a strange cyborg phantom group.
If you lose, you will be attacked in a cruel way that deprives you of human dignity.
- human sexual harassment.
The hand of the indecent man who approaches her who can not afford by means that took advantage of the crisis
Gradually, both the mind and body are developed.

H Event 65 Scene
CG number of sheets Basic 30 sheets 245 sheets including difference
12 kinds of battle insulting anime
CG mode, recollection mode, H animation playback mode deployment
After clearing, there is a fully open switch.

■ Supplement
Unexpected problems may occur on low-spec PCs.
Please check whether it works properly in the trial version before purchase.
(Save data can be transferred to the production version.)

It is a sequel, but you can enjoy it even if you do not play.


It's the year 20XX.
The three heroines of justice force "SIGNAL" do battle with the evil modification crime syndicate "Gandead".
Unfortunately, SIGNAL's assault on the enemy base fails,
and heroine Rikka is the only one to elude capture.
With the power of her new White Signal Suit, it's up to Rikka to save the others, and the day!

- A battling heroine violation action RPG!
Beat down your enemies, power up your suit, and save your friends!

- Lots of defeat H and stripping animations!
Taking damage will do a number on your clothing.
Complete defeat will result in H animations.

- Enemies on all sides!
While the evil cyborg organization will rip away the dignity of all it defeats,
even the humans are eager to sexually harass the heroine.
Will she overcome the sexual development, or get lost in the pleasure!?

65 H event scenes
30 base CG
245 CG total including variations
12 battle violation animations

CG Mode / Gallery Mode / H Animation Viewing Mode included.
Full unlock switch available after game completion.

Save data can be transferred from the trial version to the full version.

This is a sequel. You can find Part 1 in the series here:
Japanese ver:
English ver:

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