Shrine Maiden Himika's Journey for World Reformation poster
Updated 2020-10-28
Developer KINOKO-ex

Shrine Maiden Himika's Journey for World Reformation

Female protagonist RPG!

[ Story ]
Himika was born on the island Mizuha, and was raised to be the
back-up "princess shrine maiden".
Because of this role, she lived a confined life unable to leave the village.
Her discontent remained ignored, and her days go by.
However, this night was different.
A shadow approaches her pillowside. A mysterious girl says she's the
real princess shrine maiden, and that she will help her leave.
She takes a good luck charm and other tools and gets ready to leave.
The door to the building that is usually closed is open.
Out of curiosity, she goes straight ahead into the outside world...

"I'm free...! I'm finally free...!"
Thus begins the slender young shrine maiden's journey alone.
This is the story of the first island she reaches.

"As long as I have a good luck charm I don't think I'll die!"
Are you sure that's enough equipment?

38 H event scenes (26 base CG)
Inter-species / machine / insect / tentacle sex!
Preg-belly / statufication / urination as well!
Some graphic themes included in some defeat event-text (can be set to mild from settings)
Approx. 2~3 hours of play time

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