She who loves to drown in her ~ pleasure to be embraced by him tonight -Miori- poster
Updated 2022-06-26
Developer アトリエさくら
Language original
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She who loves to drown in her ~ pleasure to be embraced by him tonight -Miori-

Original title: 今夜もあいつに抱かれる彼女 ~快楽に溺れていく愛する彼女・美織里~

The main character, Yuji Nakaizumi, has a lover who goes to the same university called Miori Kiryu.
But one night, when I went to her room, I heard a strange voice from inside.
When I peep while the chest commotion, Miori was hugging a strange man.
when i left the room in shock and walked on the road、
I noticed that the car was approaching in front of me, and I lost consciousness with the shock as it is.

When I woke up, I was sleeping in my room.
I am relieved that what I saw is also a dream, but it is not noticed by others as if I became a ghost.
What's more, it looked exactly like the world it was 2 years ago.
Thinking that this was a lucid dream, I discovered Miori while looking around, and I followed him.
Then he sees Miori hugging the man he was dating at the time.
After that, he wakes up and learns that he has had an accident, but after that he sees a similar dream, as if he had returned to the past.
At that time, Miori was held by another man.

Miori who had been hugging her ex-boyfriend since she started dating Yuji.
And with the man I saw in Miori's room that night .......
―― Is this just a bad dream? Or are you really looking at what happened in the pastれ?




――これはただの悪い夢なのか? それとも本当に過去に起きたことを見ているのか――?

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