She is Sexaroid ver.VR poster
Updated 2017-08-02
Developer Damin's
Size 396mb
Language jap
Version 1.30
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She is Sexaroid ver.VR

**** This is the VR Version *
For more information about the differences between the
[Normal Version] and [VR Version] please refer to our blog:

(The blog is only available in Japanese Language)


Damin's presents their 3rd Real Time 3D work!

A First Person Perspective Sex Simulation Game
"She is a Sexaroid"

That was......
One melancholic early afternoon......

Perplexed by the sudden encounter
we nonetheless 'drowned'......

* A VR Game utilizing the latest technology!
* Using an exclusive controller for an extra realistic erotic experience.
* Fondle her titties and nipples as much as you want with both hands.
* Undressing system implemented.
* Automatic lip syncing working together with the voice.
* Seamless sexual position changing.
* Physics computations take hair of wavy hair and breast / ass / thigh jiggling.
* Random blending motions.
* 36 types of penetrating sexual positions x 3 variation patterns each.
* Bukakke System, anywhere, as you please.
* Customization System. You can change the color of her panties / add glasses.
* VR Exclusive (Oculus Rift + Touch or HTC Vive necessary)

Planned Updates:
- Kissing and Finger Licking System Implementation
- CycloneX10 USB (Electric Faphole) synchronization


[Operational Environment]

* PCVR Exclusive Head Set:
Oculus Rift CV1 + Touch (or HTC Vive) necessary

* Smartphone VR / PlayStation VR are not supported.
* Mouse / Keyboard controls are not supported.

* Recommended Computer Specs
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (Windows7 SP1 64bit+)
CPU: Intel Corei5-4590+
Memory: 8GB+
HDD: 10GB+
GPU: NVIDIA GTX970+ or AMD R9 290+
DirectX: DirectX 11+

* Based on the specs of an 'Oculus Ready PC'.

* In order to play the game, SteamVR needs to be installed.

She is Sexaroid ver.VR screenshotShe is Sexaroid ver.VR screenshotShe is Sexaroid ver.VR screenshot

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