Escape from the Snow Lodge: Escape after Sex3 poster
Updated 2018-01-19
Developer shiki-sha
Language jap

Escape from the Snow Lodge: Escape after Sex3

** STORY **
Yuki is your one year junior childhood friend, and at the same time your lover.
On a Christmas day, you and she come to a rural snow lodge for snowboarding.
Here you and she are set to challenge an 'Escape Room' session by the owner
of the lodge. In an easygoing mood, or perhaps in a flirty-dirty mood, you and
she go on an Escape Room game without a feeling of tension.

This is a FLASH based escape room game in point & click control.
You try to get out of the place by exploring around, getting items and
solving puzzles. Some particular places and items cause H scenes with
the heroine. "Hint Books" are placed in the room so that all players
can clear this game. The story has no relation to the previous works.

EXE file format (FLASH PLAYER incorporated)
18 HCGs (1280x720)
Over 150 Background 3DCGs

The latest version is v1.02.
- Bugs Fixed

Screenshot 0Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

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